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IL Makiage Foundation Review

Hello lovelies, I’m here today with a review, so lets jump right in…

So todays review is on the IL Makiage ‘Woke Up Like This’ foundation. I’m sure you’ve seen their add on facebook or instagram, they have great marketing and you can’t miss it. Fun fact Makiage is Makeup in Arabic. The foundation has a wide shade range (50 shades);

Key Facts:

  • Lightweight texture.
  • Buildable medium-to-high coverage.
  • Natural matte finish.
  • Optically-corrective powders.
  • Enriched with: Vitamin E for anti-aging benefits, Hyaluronic acid for hydration, protection and filling wrinkles.

Their description on the website claims… “Woke Up Like This Foundation smoothes and evens the skin with an advanced, innovative formula that instantly minimizes the appearances of shadows and pores, effortlessly enhances the complexion and generates a flawless natural matte finish. Easy buildability in its ultra-fluid texture, becoming one with the skin for traceless, uniform medium-to-high coverage. Special optically corrective powders blur fine lines, redness and blemishes while light-diffusing spheres deflect attention away from all imperfections. Streak-free in application and lightweight in feel for comfortable wear.” I tried this foundation a few times and tried a few different application methods, and now these are my thoughts…

So the first time I tried IL Makiage Foundation I used my Siga F80 Flattop Kabuki, I use this with just about every foundation, I’ve also tried it with my LA Girl Sponge, and a less dense stippling brush and also a combo of the F80 and LA Girl Sponge. Each time I applied the foundation I used my same priming duo Too Faced Hangover primer and Tatcha Primer. As I applied the foundation it started to set without blending, then after applying I noticed that it was patchy and gave me texture in places, mainly my upper lip and between my eyebrows, I tried smoothing it out it just worsened. Going back to the description and claims in my experience it wasn’t medium-to-full coverage, you could see my all blemishes. I had creasing on my nose which I don’t usually get, I noticed at about the 1 hour mark I noticed that the foundation had started to wear off, but yet I still had texture. As the day went on it just got worse, by the end of my day it had worn off almost completely. I did set it with my usual powder, I also noticed that my face was oilier than normal. I’ve seen other reviews of this foundation and people love it, but for me it did not live up to the hype. I’m really bummed it didn’t work out but I will be sending it back.

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Natural light. You can hopefully see the texture on my upper lip.

I hope y’all enjoyed this review, let me know if anyone has tried the IL Makiage Woke Up Like This Foundation. Until Next time…

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